Why is a strong community so important?

  • Spare parts supply

    For a long time now, the manufacturer has not been reproducing spare parts. We procure good used parts or have parts remanufactured.

  • Car garages

    Fewer and fewer workshops are familiar with the technology of the Smart Roadster. The few specialists are all known to us and we are happy to help with information.

  • Strong lobby

    The aim of our community is to bring together all the voices of Smart Roadster drivers and to represent our interests in a concentrated way.

  • Technical support

    About 80% of Roadster drivers repair and maintain their vehicles themselves. When things go wrong, many in our community can help; in real time!

  • Global communication

    We have eliminated all language barriers with a simultaneous universal translation tool. Every Smart Roadster driver, no matter from which corner of the world, can participate here and exchange experiences with all Smart Roadster drivers in the world.

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